Amazing NYX Deal

So my husband and I were out shopping the other day at a store called Fred’s and I was looking through a clearance bin and found some NYX lipsticks they had marked down to $1.70. I decided not to get them and regretted it so I went back to today to see if they had any left and they did. When I got ready to pay the cashier told me I owed her a penny! I asked her are you serious LOL so what an AMAZING deal!!! When I got home I was wishing I had of got some more, so I decided to go back LOL I found 2 more lipsticks ($.01 each) and an eye shadow ($.50).

On my YouTube Channel I am going to have a give away when I reach 25 subscribers, so I am saving the eye shadow (rust) and one of the lipsticks (sparkling orange) for my channel give aways!

Here is my receipt LOL


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One Response to Amazing NYX Deal

  1. maika says:

    omg that is amazing!

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